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There are little hint boxes in my game, that tell you how to use stuff and do levels, now some boxes don't show the right text, so:

How to play, Basics:

if it's a spell card (Card with only one value at the bottom of the card) then click on it and click on a card on the field to activate the effect (effect is shown at the top right)

If it's a character card (Card with two values at the bottom of the card) click on it and click on an empty space (little star) on the field, if it has a green border around it, the card can Attack. How to Attack? Click on the character and click an enemy card (the top row of cards) you beat a level by destroying all enemy card (bring their HP, right number of the card, to 0)

A card is selected if it has a white border.

This should turn itself out and not be so complicated but just say it here for if you really don't know what to do...

Hello players,

I made this game for the 8BitsToInfinity Puzzle jam!

The theme was: Black and White, I used this theme in the way that there is a light realm and a dark realm. In the game there will be portals that lead to the dark realm, when a card is in the dark realm their stats will change. 

This way it isn't just a game about math but also about the placement of portals and cards and with cool effects I tried to make this game feel fresh and fun!


Art, Design, Coding: Me! LineartLemur


Contains music ©2019 Joshua McLean (

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International



I hope you all will enjoy this game! Have fun!


AlternateNumbers 32 MB
Download 37 MB
Download 38 MB


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